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  1. Angry GAZZIN.COM --> Real Bad Service and No Good Support and no Refund Either

    friends, gazzin is frustrating

    i have been hosting as a reseller with on their windows servers for past some years and in this period i suppose they have shifted their datacenter more than twice causing a great problem to me and all my clients.

    the latest period of the shift being going on currently i request you all to go through the transcript below which i had with their support center. when we talk about a refund for this downtime i suppose the owner 'PAUL' just stops responding.

    Please Wait while connecting to an operator
    Welcome to, Your speaking to - Admin
    Admin: hello
    Admin: How can I help you ?
    sid: the windows servers r still down???
    sid: it is 3 days now
    sid: hello??
    sid: hello?????????????????????//
    Admin: please let me know the domain name
    sid: all my windows client accounts
    sid: my reseller id is RS506
    Admin: please domain name
    sid:,, and many others
    sid: do u want more?
    sid: hello???????????????
    sid: hello???????????
    Admin: yes cheking same
    sid: my clients r demanding answers??????????
    sid: is also down
    sid: all my clients are down
    sid: hello????????????????
    Admin: please update the new name server at your regestrar end
    sid: what??????????
    sid: i have to change all my clients registrars??
    sid: i have 50 clients
    Admin: yes you have to update for all domains
    sid: this is the 3rd time this has happened
    sid: what explanation do i give to my customer
    sid: ??
    sid: my registrar update ip automatically
    sid: still my site is not visible
    sid: hello??????????????????????????????
    Welcome to, Your speaking to - Herman
    Herman: hello
    Herman: herman
    Herman: now the nameserver will get automatically
    Herman: updated
    sid: how much time?
    Herman: on the
    Herman: domian registrar
    Herman: 12-15 hrs
    sid: do i need to tell my clients to update their nameservers??
    Herman: sir you need to wait for this time
    Herman: please
    Herman: what nameserver you are using
    Herman: ?
    Herman: just tell me
    sid: and
    sid: all my clients are using the same
    Herman: yes you need ot
    Herman: to
    Herman: change the nameserver
    Herman: and the ip
    Herman: at the domian registrar end
    sid: my registrar does not allow me to enter IP
    sid: is my registrar
    Herman: -->
    Herman: -->
    Herman: these changes need to be done
    Herman: at the registrar end
    sid: will it be changed for all my clients too??
    Herman: if you are using and
    Herman: for all your client
    Herman: then it will be updated
    Herman: and you need to
    Herman: change the nameserver
    Herman: for all your client's domain registrar
    sid: i did not understand
    Herman: sir
    Herman: 1. contact your domian registrar for all the client you have
    sid: the clients have their own registrars
    Herman: 2. ask them to change the nameserver for the domain in there domain registrar panel
    Herman: 3. finish
    Herman: and it is done
    Herman: yes
    Herman: then client need to
    Herman: contact there
    Herman: domain registrar
    sid: i cannot access my control panel too to send emails to my clients
    sid: hello???????????????

    ridiculous!!!! no answer at the end.
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    If they haven't given you enough notice to change nameserver information, then it is their fault, but if you were contacted and told you need to change the information, then it's your fault for not updating it.
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    I don't think there's something wrong in moving your servers but they should tell their clients before hand and send out notices in all possible ways to tell them about the change.
    Once you change the nameserver IPs at your end, things will start to get better of course.
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    Its worse than that. Many of us have no access to our clients files to move them to a new host. They have had the servers down for several days and literally cut the resellers off from doing what is right by the clients.

    Gazzin literally put me out of the hosting business in less than a week.
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    If they moved servers then shouldn't your clients be on the new servers? All I see that needs done is on your end. once you have your name servers set to the new ip addresses your data should be there if in fact they have moved all data to the new server.

    P.S. Aggrivating and being rude will get you nowhere. Be patient, they gave you the information needed for you to change your old ip's to the new ones. If you need help doing so just ask I'm sure we can point you in the right direction. - Looking for HOT deals on cloud hosting services? We post 5 of the hottest deals every day! -> Click Here <-
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    To be honest, you sound like a giant idiot in that chat transcript, and should have really calmed down, and had some empathy for the other person who had to deal with your manicdepessive episode.

    But yeah, gazzin was pretty bad when i was with them a few years ago. Always a very high server load, mass overselling.
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    May be this can be more clear for u..

    sid: do i need to tell my clients to update their nameservers??
    me: No.
    me: please what nameserver you are using ? just tell me
    sid: and
    sid: all my clients are using the same
    me: ok. what u need is JUST to change your name server IP at the domian registrar end like this :
    me: --> change its current ip to
    me: --> change its current ip to
    me: these changes need to be done at ur domain registrar end
    sid: will it be changed for all my clients too??
    me: if you are using and for all your client then you have nothing to do for ur client

    Hope this will help. ;-)
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  8. This is the latest update:

    System: Please Wait while connecting to an operator
    Welcome to, Your speaking to - Admin
    Admin: Hello
    helm: is still not working
    Admin: Please open a ticket for the issue
    helm: i am fed up
    helm: this issue is not being solved for past 1 week
    helm: Ticket no. SHI-277330
    helm: sumibtted on 03 May 2008 02:03 AM
    Admin: I have forwarded the issue to our senior windows admin
    Admin: Please update the details in the ticket
    Admin: as at present the ticket in on hold
    helm: you people just keep forwarding tickets to each other
    helm: and nothing comes out of it
    helm: the problem still remains the same.
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    Sorry to hear about your negative experience. Hope the issue get's resolved in the end, be sure to keep us updated!

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    Problem only seem to be nameservers not updated from your end which they should have notified you in advance, But the way that chat happened staff would not have been able to help either.
    hope everything sort out for you and keep us updated in future. - Premium Hosting Solutions Since 2006
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    Your best bet is just to dump this webhost and switch to a better one that offers better support. Try to get a refund too!.

    Good luck
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    dont look to good for that company. they should go about things alot better... it is these companys that give a bad name for the other in the same game....
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    All I could think about while reading that is both of the people in the conversation speak terrible English.
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    This migration was out of our hands due to the previous facility we were in. We were given a X day to find another DC after invoices / rent have been paid for. We were already in the process of migrating to our OWN IPs and all equipment were ours. Our goal was already to jump ship at this facility but they knew what we were up to that simply gave us the "boot".

    All of our servers have been upgraded with more power / cpu, and hotswappable. So those who had experience slow delay / cpu , etc.. years ago that has been changed years ago.

    Next all IPs are owned / operated by us now so if we have to jump ship like that again there will be no long duration of downtime due to DNS.

    Majority of downtime for 50% of our clients were DNS issues. All others servers were moved to their our own IP space.

    We were not ignoring anyone, we had a large volume of chat , ticets, etc which may seem we were ignoring. As of now we are at 90% containment where all DNS issues should be resolved.

    As of now we own and operate our own routes, acquire our own IP space, acquire our own equipment, and currently located in a NEUTRAL facility where we will not have this issue again.

    We have over 50,000+ domains globally since years ago. Our commitment to our client has always been there. New services and upgrades are coming way and all resellers will be able to take advantage of them.

    Those still having issues please contact our support channel to get your issue resolved.
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