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    Unhappy Budget Server

    Yes I am here to ask about budget servers.....Ive searched and searched the offers page so don't tell me to go there please

    I am looking for someone similar to volumedrives pricing. I don't need managed and need something similar to the following specs

    (will want to run about 100 sites)
    1 - 2 gig ram
    120 - 160gig hard drive x2(with raid1)
    500-1000G bandwidth or a small unmetered connection.
    plesk unlimited w/ powerpack(light or regular don't matter)
    processor size doesn't need to be big as these sites are low usage sites.(mostly local customers but would like room to expand)

    I know there are other companies out there as about a week ago I found one thought I had saved the link but cant find it now..... So if any of you out there recommend a company please pass me the link.

    My budget is flexible so im really wanting to find a good company that has good connection ect.


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    I would recommend a DC such as GNAX (as you require un-managed) servers, they are excellent in their support, and hardware.

    I think a recommendation is all you would be able to get through the forums - but I hope you manage to find what you are looking for.
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    I suggest that even your budget is flexible, as you are looking for a budget server, that you put your max budget so that the suggestions can meet your needs and budget.

    Good luck in your search.


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    i guess take2hosting might interest you.. 5Mbps unmetered port for $99... no control panel though..
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    I been with for a while. I very pleased with the network/support. They have offerings similar to what you require.

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    Sagonet has got good reviews. Its worth considering them. They do have unmetered BW connection.
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    Hi Silent,

    I would suggest you to get bigger hard drives. Their prices are not very high. You'll need more space in the future. It is a good idea to prepare a list of requirements - OS. software applications and etc.
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    What's wrong with volumedrive? Also, plesk is horrible.

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    burst/nocster ir good for budget servers

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    I go with plesk due to having windows and most my clients use plesk so easier all around. I went with sagonet and they are excellent so far.

    As far as issues with Volume drive they were great in the beginning(besides my IP's being reassigned or "stolen" by other VD customers) as you will find I complemented them allot in my reviews.

    But then things like this started happening -
    Year Month Outages Uptime Downtime Avg. Response Time
    2008 April 65 62.837% 37.163% 0.121

    (These stats are from site uptime if you would like a link PM for verification me)

    What really put me over the edge was being told I would get upgrades or get moved to the new dc because of all the issues they were having on x date, that day rolls in and it don't happen so I email them and then it turns into next week then 3 days then a week from then.(I have about 50 emails if anyone would like to see the conversation/s again for verification)

    Like I expressed tonight to Josh, I don't mind waiting for things but don't tell me it will be done in 4 days and that turn into 3 weeks. They don't have a refund policy for down time which I already knew but having your server down for half a month and it just be pushed off as it was network problems is unacceptable.

    So sadly I had to leave them after I was recommended to them by fellow WHT'ers

    So just to make everyone happy I don't want to hide anything so if you want verification on anything please feel free to PM me and I will share anything.

    But back to sagonet. They had my server up with raid1 / upgrades within about 4-5 hours they were a bit more expensive then VD but I also got quite a bit better system. Sean(account manager) is awesome.

    Thanks for your help in finding a provider I will post probably in this topic on future dealings with sago so others know how its going with me.

    If your wanting to know I got their
    Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
    320GB HDD x 2(raid1)
    1024MB Ram
    1000GB BW
    Windows standard 2003 / Plesk(newest version) unlimited + powerpack.
    Its about $155.00 a month

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