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    Remote Training Software?


    I work at a local jewelry and art gallery, and we have purchased a large mill that laser cuts molds according to the designs we make in Rhino 3D software. We then can cast these molds in the appropriate metals, whether it be gold, white gold, or platinum. It is great!

    However, we are still on the learning curve of the software and we have multiple store locations that we have purchased and setup graphic workstations for select employees. We have hired a trainer to come in once a week and give us a tutorial on how to design a different set in the software, however we would like our other store employees to be able to tune-in as well.

    Are there any recommendations? We were just thinking VNC + skype for audio, however it gets a little laggy with the 3D app being so graphic intense.

    Thanks for any thoughts or recommendations!


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    I would recommend GoToMeeting, although I can't recall if it does audio. It's very fast though, and I have used it for lots of remote training and demonstrations. And there is always MS Live Meeting, which does audio.

    If you do downloadable training videos, I would recommend Camtasia Studio.
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    video camera - record the training... Then use camtasia to record the screen (if you can)... or take screenshots with a digital camera.

    Then burn to CD... mail to your other companies.

    Maybe a "train the trainer." In other words, the trainer trains one person in your company VERY WELL, then that person trains everyone else.

    Or you could do both of the suggestions above... video the training, but have someone who had the training arrive with the CD rom.

    Or you could hire the trainer to go to all locations....

    So many ways around this....
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