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Thread: sysadmin needed

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    sysadmin needed

    8/23/2002 - Thanks for the responses, I have found someone to work with.

    I have just ordered my first server that I will be sending out for colocation and I am on a reseller account now. I have a server at my home office running several different linux distros but I plan to use RH 7.3. I am fairly comfortable with RH linux, but I want some help to be sure that I don't install unneeded packages and that the ones I do install are properly secured. I would also appreciate your advice about partitioning. I may need to have you perform remote sysadmin from time to time if I am unable to resolve a problem. What would you charge for:

    a) helping me to configure the server before I send it out;
    b) remote sysadmin work on an as-needed basis;
    c) remote sysadmin work so that I can take some time off occasionally;

    I would like to see references, please.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Willing to help / work for little pay or trade of services.

    Currently admin 200 servers for

    email or pm me.

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    I can help you for little cost, email, aim, or icq are good ways of contacting me.

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