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    * Social Networking php scripts - pls share experience

    Does any member here uses social netwoking php scripts ?

    Now that vbb, invisionboard and even phpbb have good snw modules, and also now that boonex dolphin or xoomla are there with good snw features is there any REAL advantage of super costly scripts like dzoic or phpfox based on one or two developers, compared to the community participation nature of development of the others ?

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    Drupal is very good and so is Elgg.

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    Dolphin looked like a pretty good script. We've installed it on a couple sites and it seemed like a deal for it being free.

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    Dolphin looks good, It is free , not opensource and you have to pay a lot of money to get modifications.

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    Why not try Phpfox
    it is a powerful full featured professional social networking software for different web communities and friends.

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    I run a website base on this script:

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    dzoic is an excellent one; they provide superb support, including free installation, configuration etc.

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