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    Dedicated server company in europe


    actually I have my dedicated server with ThePlanet since many years ago, where I'm really happy, but due to recent spanish laws, I need to move everything to a european dedicated server as ThePlanet isn't certificated at the "Safe Harbor directive".

    This is what I actually have:

    2x1024 MB DDR 266 ECC
    1 Dell 1600SC Dual Xeon MB DAT54AMB8C2
    2 Intel P4 Xeon 2.8 GHz 533FSB (4x2.8)
    2500Gb Bandwidth

    What I'm looking for, is a serius company (no reseller company) with similar dedicated servers configurations. What I'm looking for is also a 1Gbps uplink connection. Bandwith is not so important, as my monthly bandwidth is only about 300Gb.

    I've seen very fast (connection) servers in Netherland but don't know how serious they are.

    OVH (apparently) looks also fine, but I've read very bad reviews about them.

    Any suggestions/help will be really appreciated.

    Thank you very much,


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    Well I know LeaseWeb is pretty big in Europe and has good connectivity and will also be able to provide you with a 1gbps port, but it will be more expensive than what you are paying now in the US, as I recommend getting an SLA package with them to ensure you get good support and quick response due to recent reviews around here.
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    I'd make a post in the advertisement forum section with a server your looking for!

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    I agree, take a look at the hosting offers section, I am sure you'll find some good deals there. - Online in no time
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    I can recomended you - best reviews on polish WHT (

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    There are a few DC's in the USA who are signed up to the EU Safeharbour Laws - GNAX for one is - and I'd advise you to have a look at their offering, and give them a call - at least you'll manage to keep your costs down, and what's more, latency from Atlanta (location of the DC) will be comparatively faster.

    Hope that helps.
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