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    Lightbulb Advice for european top-notch xen provider

    my budget is 100 EUR/month

    needed features:
    *) Xen based
    *) European datacenter
    *) rock-solid reliability (network and hardware)
    *) very fast support
    *) very fast CPU/disk (the *best* available on a xen vps)
    *) server-grade hardware (high-end Xeon or Opteron and SAS disks, not home-built core duo and cheap sata disks)
    *) RAM >= 1024 MB RAM
    *) disk >= 40 GB
    *) bandwith >= 400 GB/month
    *) ssh serial console
    *) Custom reverse DNS (rdns)

    appreciated features:
    *) Control panel for features provisioning (disk resizing, etc)
    *) Backups/snapshots
    *) Rescue mode (vps disk image mounted under /mount/point/)
    *) Technical staff should not be one man only
    *) Technical support through chat
    *) Users community (blog, forum, irc)
    *) DNS and control panel to manage my domains (as a separate service, not inside the vps)

    Any advice appreciated, thanks!

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    I hear good things about Their servers are located in Redbus Interhouse

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    Where are you located in Europe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlostabs View Post
    Where are you located in Europe?
    I'm in Italy

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    Not sure if they offer all your needs.

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