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    Casually looking for new host

    Casually looking for new host

    Hi all,
    I'm currently being hosted at Downtownhost, which I'm very happy with...BUT.. they do not offer SVN hosting, which is a real bummer for me since I design and develop sites. I would love to get a VPS or dedicated, but I don't trust myself, as I might break something, and just don't have time maintaining the server.

    I'm casually looking for a host that will:

    • Provide SVN hosting
    • Super reliable and fast with database driven sites (this is a must!)
    • 20+ gig of space

    I've tried many many hosts..which include Dreamhost, LunarPages, MediaTemple, but haven't totally been 100% happy. I've searched this site without luck so far.

    Can anyone recommend any hosts? I'm willing to pay, and not looking for $3.99/month unlimited storage. Thanks!!

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    Hi blueOne, I could certainly recommend, but you'd be good to look at the Advertising forums. I think that anyone could always recommend you hosts but it's ultimately down to your personal experience and comfort with them.

    My advice is to look for a good VPS provider who has been recommended and sign up for one. If you're not confident enough to set it up and manage it yourself, then pay a little for someone to do it for you and train you in basic maintenance. If it is just to drive databases and SVN and perhaps some web applications, this is really not a big deal, as once the server is set up correctly, it really should just do what it's supposed to and not require constant changes.

    Hope this advice helps you.


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