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    rip off host the guy is a rip off. you pay via paypal on the 1st he deletes your account on the 15th no warning. you have proof you payed him via paypal, he claimes to never got it.

    you show him the proof again you paid your bill, he calls you every name in the book, and then threatans to hack your website if you move to another host.

    and if you move to another site to another host, he hacks it.

    i dont like posting bad things about people or companies, but this takes the cake.

    so dont ever deal with this guy, it will cost you alot more then its worth

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    Care to provide any evidence? Without it - this thread is pointless and nothing but a baseless attack.
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    What domain did you have hosted with them?
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    Ok, that is some really terrible service if you ask me. But its important for you to show some evidence.

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