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    Really Nice Looking and Cheap Template.


    I have a Nice Looking Template.

    Please See the template here.
    [SOLD OUT]

    The Template is fully customizeable.

    Package includes PSD, HTML, CSS, and a FREE Logo Design.

    Good Luck to all.
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    Good luck on selling

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    Nice Design, However I think I would have prefered it in blue

    Good Luck in selling

    Best Regards
    Adam Heavens
    Server Centre Limited (
    Exchange 2007 Hosting, Windows/Linux Hosting

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    Well thanx for comments.

    * the color is customizeable to any shade
    * plan details customizeable
    * Logo will be designed

    I have recieved a bid in PM
    now bid is 25$
    Thanx for ur comments again

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    You're kind of late I think... by about 10 months?

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