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    Picking a Shipping carrier


    I'm trying to choose a shipping carrier for my e-commerce site to ship out goods.

    1) is it a good idea to provide 3 different carriers to buyers because they might have different preference ?

    2) Since I use paypal to accept payments, is it a good idea to use those shipping carriers that integrated with paypal?

    3) What kinda of account should i sign up?

    Thank you

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    For a PayPal account, I'd go with Premier unless your business is really, so popular and you get like 5+ orders everyday, then I'd go with the Business account.

    Umm, since you accept payments through PayPal, it doesn't really matter unless your paying for your shipping via Canada Post, which is basicly the only PayPal integrated shipping carrier for such things like eBay purchases.

    3 Carriers: I'd say: UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

    And it wouldn't be a good idea to use shipping carriers integrated with PayPal (simply because Canada Post is the only one I know that is) and you'd probably end up going to your post office or local UPS store or FedEx or requesting one of the carriers to pick it up at your house and pay there rather than pay via PayPal as I don't know any shipping carrier that you can pay via PayPal easily instead of pulling some string. You know.

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    I use the standard paypal payment method to accept payments. Is there a monthly fee for opening accounts in UPS, Fedex or usps?

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    No, there ain't any fee.

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    We use USPS or FedEx only .... FedEx Ground is a great bargain and they treat the packages better than UPS. USPS is great for lightweight packages.

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    My experience with UPS is much more better than FedEx. I just shipped 2 packages from WA to IL, the same driver took them at the same time, but one delivered on time, and another one 2 or 3 days later without any explain. One of my hardware vendors is using FedEx too, and once late shipment (on FedEx side, my vendor sent on time)

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    They charge you on each package you ship? Also, what Kinda of account should i open for a starting e-commerce ? I went to each of their site and I have no clue where to start.

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