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    After starting

    I was wondering, after you get a reseller account I figured you'd need a website first, so I was thinking of getting someone to make me a website. Thing is, after I make my website, I need to advertise elsewhere right? Where are some good places to advertise? Don't know if that's really a good question to ask being that everyone has their own strategies in getting customers(at least i think so)

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    WHT is a good place to advertise your hosting services (as long as you do it in the correct forum).

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    Where are some good places to advertise?
    Think of places where your ideal customer spends time. Put your ad/info in front of him. Do a bit of reconnaissance first. As a new small provider, you should probably stay away from places with huge competitiveness. Find a pond where you can be king, instead of being a small fish in a big ocean.

    A common advice is to go local. Unless you live in a very small town, there should be enough people and businesses with hosting needs that you could meet much better than a "big brand" out there. Not to mention that usually you should be able to charge more too.

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