Has anyone had a problem like this before, or able to offer me advice as to whats causing it and how I can fix it...

Basically, I backed a tonne (around 20GB) of data up the other week, mainly photographs and videos to be fair, to a hard drive (lets call it drive a) in one of my other computers.

Now, one of my drives has gone down, and I have most of the data backed up remotely and on another drive too (lets call that drive b to differentiate).

However, the media works fine when running directly off the hard drive, but when the media is moved across to another hard drive, it doesnt work, it always has problems even though the filesize is correct etc...

I have tried various different ways of transferring the media, have transferred it via USB2, taken the drive out of the computer, placed it in another one and transferred it via IDE (it worked fine running off the original drive in the other computer too) and tried transferring it via IDE in it's own computer, but neither way will work.

I am going to try burning a few DVD's tomorrow to see if that saves the data, but right now, I have no way to access the data, except via the computer its on, and its irritating and also very strange.