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    Out of this World Dual Xeon Server Deals starting at $88!

    Xeon Server Special #1 at $88 CAD Monthly

    2 x Intel Xeon 2.4 GHZ (2.4 GHZ HT / 512 KB CACHE) / 2 GB DDR ECC 400 MHZ / 120 GB IDE HD / 1000 GB Bandwidth
    *Upgrades available contact support -AT-

    Xeon Server Special #2 at $135 CAD Monthly

    Dual Xeon 3.2 GHZ (2 MB CACHE 800 MHZ FSB) / 4 GB DDR2 400 MHZ / 160 GB SATA II HD / 1000 GB Bandwidth
    *Upgrades available contact support -AT-

    Order on !

    PEER1 ALL STREAM SHAW BIG PIPE and MCI BANDWIDTH with Toronto Internet Exchange Peering!
    Our website is

    Billing begins on the first of the month so you will pay for how many days remain of this month and pay the full amount on the first of the following month.

    General Information

    *100% Premium Mix of bandwidth
    *Network is connected at 10 Mbps unless upgraded to 100 Mbps
    *Payments made via Paypal, Cheque or Money Order, Credit Card (over the phone.)
    *Adult is allowed as long as it is legal material.
    *No contract feel free to try us and have the freedom of canceling anytime.
    *Servers deployed within 24-48 hours.
    *APC Remote reboot is included with the servers on request
    *OS reloads are free however If they are frequent (more then once per month) we will charge an administration fee of $15 per reload
    *More questions can be answered on

    Test Information
    All information is on the right hand panel of our website


    Direct Admin:
    $10 MONTHLY

    $35 MONTHLY

    $40 MONTHLY

    100 Mbps Port Speed Upgrade:
    $10 MONTHLY

    Finalizing SPLA agreements with Microsoft coming soon!

    Contact Methods:
    Phone: 1-800-737-4913

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    I have a server with Chris... Great guy and great support. Awesome speeds as well

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