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    renting a overseas server?

    I am from Hong Kong and I found that overseas server with dedicated bandwidth are much more cheaper.

    So I am considering to rent an overseas server with bandwidth.
    however, can anyone tell me what are the disadvantages of renting an overseas server over a local one?

    Moreover, can anyone suggest some popular and trusted data centre? because security is my first concern.

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    The only issue could be latency or packet loss due to the transAtlantic through your ISP provider. But that could be so minimal that the cost savings far outweigh any disadvantages. Depends on what you're doing too. If it is a gaming server, then you really want it to be closer to your players. Hope this helps.
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    Well, one of the main problems is the distance, which may affect the speed, depending on what you plan to do with the server. A local server may be able to offer better download speeds and even access times to your customers, so if that is very important, then it's better to go local.
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    Depends what and where your "Target Audience" is really.

    If your aiming your services at the local people, or people within the same country, it would be best to get a server based in that country as speeds will be better for them.

    Although with the hosting of websites i find that the location of the server is not extremely important. E.g. im from the UK, and i can only see a minor difference in browsing speed with a UK server compared to a server based in the USA. Download speeds do seem to be faster and more stable for me if the server is UK based compared to a USA based server, but there is not a huge difference.

    With other services such as game servers, voip servers etc... it would be better to have a server in the same location as your target audience because of ping and response times.


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    A disadvantage would be that you don't have physical access to the machine, but you dont need it. Be adviced to buy server from company that would be ready to change any part of the mashine for a couple of hours if there is a failiure. - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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    Thanks all answers.
    My target audience are from all over the world.
    So the speed and response time is not a problem.

    and I cannot reach the overseas server. Will that cause any trouble to me?
    e.g. Difficult to set up a load balancer to my servers, difficult to set up a firewall to my servers.

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    There is not any problem in renting servers overseas. I am based in Shanghai and host sites on servers in Singapore, UK, the US and of course China | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    Well I'm sure some companies will be able to provide you with load balancing and a firewall without a problem, though expect some bigger costs long term, as you will be renting those too.
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    You could always go with VPSses and do your own software load balancing.

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    Thanks. I guess the conclusion is that not having physical access to my server will not cause me any trouble.

    So, can anyone suggest some popular and trusted data centre? because security is my first concern.

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