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    would you mind if a host provided hosted sql/etc?

    what i mean is... say u had a dedicated server from me (lets use me as an example, lol)...

    this dedicated box would have all the goodies n all... panel... etc/etc/etc... BUT... say i didn't want to have to worry about the hassles of you guys running out of CPU power... so i had a dedicated mail server, a dedicated DNS server and a few dedicated SQL servers... which my panel would interface with transparently and make the appropriate accounts/etc/etc/etc for usage by u guys... now... you guys could have the still or whatever... so its not like i'd be revealing my name to your clients/etc... same with DNS/etc...

    now... that doesn't mean you can't go ahead and install these apps yourself on your own server, just means that i provide 'em free of charge with the service and you could use 'em if you wish... ... ... and save yourselves some CPU power...

    would u guys mind that? also... the box would be fully managed to the point of monitoring your CPU temperature... lol... and so would these other dedicated boxes... these other dedicated boxes would also be used by other clients... but they'd be secured off so nobody could access your data...

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    HI Boss,
    I have seen guys with 5GB databases..
    You get 10 of these and you'd be in trouble...
    Why would you want to give free databases, DNS services etc....

    Also, don't you think they's be asking for shell access to the boxes with the DNS, database servers etc.. which again can be a risk to you...

    Just my thoughts..
    The good side is I'd not have to worry about my name server going down when my server goes down....

    I may sumamrize as a good deal for your clients but a bit risky for you...

    Have a great day


    P.S. Maybe you can offer a free mirrored service of DNS , SQL etc....
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    well... nobody would get any form of actual access to these hosted box except whats setup thru the panel...

    only reason i asked on here if u guys would tolerate it is because i was talkin' to a friend about it, he jumped back with "no, i wouldn't like that if i were a client"... although i do realize hes a wee bit off his rocker... lol...

    if they want SSH to their DNS server, we can install BIND on their server for 'em i guess...

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    Wee bit of my rocker eh ? I just like to have a bit of control over my server and people like ssh for installing sql database's and stuff I know PHPmyadmin can do it nowadays but most people like to do it via ssh.
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