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    Configure subdomain on another server


    I have 2 domains as follows:
    Domain1 on Server 1 =
    Domain2 on Server 2 = (has a forum)

    How can I configure, but to be on Server 2?

    The idea of this exercise is to feel the visitors when they browse the forum that they are on same website/server.

    I hope I made the idea clear.


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    Are you using any control panel?

    Just create a virtual host on server 2 and point the subdomain to the IP of the second server from the 1-st one.

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    That or allocate the space for it on Server #2 and setup a redirection for Server #1
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    Create website on server2 and setup the A record for the subdomain on server1 to point to the IP of server2.
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    Check this out: It can be quite in-depth, although it should answer all questions you have regarding this.
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    At server2's WHM, create the account .

    AT server1's WHM, Edit DNS zone --> add A Entry to to point to server2's IP

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    Thank you guys, I got the idea.

    One mre question, is there any effect or load on Server1 since every page request for a page it will point to Server2?

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    No, it will not cause any load on the first server, as it doesn't host any content. It will only have DNS settings for the subdomain.

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