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    appraisal please

    Business changed owner. New owner does not want to keep the website

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    Hi exe44,

    As I found over 1,000 businesses in USA alone named "Frank's Pizza" (or some derivative of it), I would think that if you creatively direct-marketed the domain you should expect $500 - $2,000. By direct marketing, I mean calling/writing various Frank's Pizza's all over the country.

    On the domain market you'll probably only get offers in the $50 range. So get that phone book ready, and cash in!

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    As i read it, it sounded more like someones first and last name than a possible business name. But mid $xx sure is a possibility.


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    I agree with Omnibot, you have to sell to the end-user.

    A resller would only give $xx, but if you are a good negotiator, you could get low $x,xxx from an end-user.

    Good luck and best regards,

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