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    * Aspdotnetstorefront Shopping Cart for Sale ASPDNSF

    We have (4) of the most current Version, ML Aspdotnetstorefront, Websites (Licenses) For Sale.

    It stipulates in the software contract that we have to sell websites that we created and not the software by its self. So to abide by the contract we are selling websites not licenses. The buyer will be getting a VERY bare bone website with the use of the latest version of Aspdotnetstorefront shopping cart. We only have 4 Websites (Licenses) and do not intend to have any more.

    How did we come to own them? We bought 5 licenses total of the software and were planning on using all 5 of the licenses for different websites. Once we started working on the first site we found out that the software was very feature rich and virtually limit less with possibilities. Found out that we could do every thing we wanted to do with one license of the cart. We have kept the other 4 licenses for about 6 months to make sure that we really were not going to use them and we are not. So that leads us to now having 4 licenses that we are not using. Rather than the money going to waste we are selling the Websites (Licenses).

    This shopping cart can handle an unlimited number of products (500,000 +) The Company already has many sites with very large numbers of products running perfectly. It is also great software if you only have a couple hundred or a couple thousand products.
    The ML license would be for the most current version of the software.
    Can be downloaded in either C+ or VB versions.
    Will come with a maintenance plane to upgrade to the latest software version for free for a year and a half.

    You can go the software’s home page to get the full description and features of the software. Everyone knows how to search for a website we are not advertising for them.

    If you have any questions or would like to bid, please contact us directly. We welcome all questions.

    If some one can tell us how to do a screen shot we would be happy to put a screen shot of our licenses up.

    You can reach us at our site email in our signature line below or you can pm us here at webhosting talk.

    Thank you

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    You can Buy 1 of the sites or you can Buy all 4 of them, the choice is yours.

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    I am interested in purchasing the licenses( 1 or possible more). Please pm me your price . thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcurrency View Post
    You can Buy 1 of the sites or you can Buy all 4 of them, the choice is yours.

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    We tried to PM you and it said that you have chosen to not receive PM messages. Go into your control panel and change the setting or just email us and we will shoot you the price. Go to our website link at the bottom and you will find our email on our site.


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    ok, I sent you an email as well. not sure why you can't should be able to email now.tx

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    After Monday the 12th we will only have 2 licenses left.

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    Thumbs up

    We still have 3 Licenses left. We are selling them at a really great price.

    This shopping cart has all the bells and whistles.

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    We only have 2 licenses left.

    Do not pay full price when you can get a BIG discount.

    click the signature link and get your ASPDNSF site going today.

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    Hello, I am intrested in one (1) of the licenses. Please PM your price.

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    Please PM price if one website is still available.

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    Tomin, I am new to this whole arena but have a license that I would like to sell. I have a PDF of the steps to effectively transfer the license.

    I attempted to PM you but for whatever reason I don't have permission, so please feel free to contact me at an external email address ([email protected]). Thanks!

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    1 License Left - Email - [email protected]

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