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    Question how do we do it ?

    could some one tell me, that when i need to give my clients all these services for eg , UNLIMITED all these :- email,subdomain,forwarders,multiple domains,ssh,ssl,etc etc,etc

    So, can i manage OR set all these through the WHM that i have on the sever or will i have to manually do it after i have procured the server through telnet or ssh ?

    can any one clear this pelase ?


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    IF you are using a CPanel based server you can do most things through WHM.

    It has one quirk that you cannot grant shell access after you have created it without SSH!

    For that you can log into the server thru SSH, become the root and type

    usermod -s /bin/bash username
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    So, after issuing this command :-
    "usermod -s /bin/bash username"
    will the user be restricted within his own home directory or will i have to do some thing else to restrict him there


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