Hi there,

So I got a server from liquid web for my website and its great but its way overpowered for me so instead of moving my site again I figured I'll try and rent part of the server out.

The server specs are:

Processor: Intel Q6600 QUAD CORE
OS: Linux - CentOS 4
ControlPanel: CPanel (+Fantastico/XController)

Dual HD one for backup, and offsite backup for db

Server Load Averages: 0.04 0.04 0.00

What I plan to do is proved shared hosting. I am looking for no more than 10 paying sites for a total of 15 sites on the server as I have one active site and 4 none active sites on the server currently.

So what I am offering is:

Space: 12 GB
Traffic: 150 GB
Price: $25/Month

If interested or need more info PM me or email "turki AT mac4arabs DOT com"

Main site on server is Mac4Arabs.com
My DNS is under my other domain tmbnetwork.com <- Nothing there at the moment

Mods: please advice if I am braking any rules, as far as I know I'm not