We have a single server with Rackspace and no longer require it, but have a further 3 months on a 6 month contract to use. As such, we are looking to transfer the server to someone who can make use of the server for the remaining contract period.

There will be no cost involved to anyone who decides to do this aside from the continuing invoices issued by Rackspace.

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
CPU: Single AMD Opteron 1212 (2.0 GHz)
HDD: x2 250GB SATA (RAID1)
Monthly Traffic: 150GB
Backup: Managed Backup Agent + MySQL
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

This includes the standard Rackspace services including 24/7 phone and ticket support, 100% uptime SLA and port monitoring.

The recurring monthly fee is 256 GBP (exc VAT). 3 months have already been paid for, including the setup fee which leaves 3 months remaining.

We would request a transfer of the server to a new or existing Rackspace account which incurrs no fee and requires no downtime.

Contact me via e-mail [email protected] to arrange this.