[ Overview ]

fumiNET Solutions is a provider of enterprise IT and technology services at affordable prices. We cater to both the consumer and the business markets, and have one of the best value for money service line-ups in the industry.

By default, all of our services come with full management and 24/7 support via phone or e-mail. Our management includes such features as security hardening, software installation, transfer assistance, and much more besides. This service is included free of charge with each and every server ordered from us.


[ Contact ]

URL: http://fuminet.com
VPS: http://fuminet.com/hosting/vps/
Support: http://fuminet.com/support/

Corporate Enquiries: [email protected]
General Enquiries: [email protected]


[ Promotions ]

For a limited time only, if you pre-pay three months, we'll give you a month free of charge, just to say thanks. No promotion code is necessary for this promotion.

You'll also get 5% off for pre-paying quarterly.


Other offers can be found on the homepage of our site.

On top of all this, we'll throw in free punch and pie. Of course, it'll be invisible and imaginary... but damn me if it isn't delicious!

Note: Free punch and pie not guaranteed, terms and conditions apply.


[ VPS Offerings ]

5GB Storage, 50GB Transfer, 128MB Guaranteed, 256MB Burstable. :: 7.50/monthly + 0/setup. :: 21.38 for SIX months!

10GB Storage, 100GB Transfer, 256MB Guaranteed, 512MB Burstable. :: 12.50/monthly + 0/setup. :: 35.63 for SIX months!

15GB Storage, 150GB Transfer, 384MB Guaranteed, 768MB Burstable. :: 17.50/monthly + 0/setup. :: 49.88 for SIX months!

20GB Storage, 200GB Transfer, 512MB Guaranteed, 1024MB Burstable. :: 22.50/monthly + 0/setup. :: 64.13 for SIX months!


[ Custom VPS ]

We are able to provide custom specifications for VPS, drop us a line and we'll give you a quote.


[ Delivery Timeframe ]

24 hours.


[ Payment Methods ]

Bank Transfer.
Google Checkout (credit/debit card).