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    Ecommerce supporting credit system

    Hello to all,
    I have been using Drupal as a CMS for some time now, yet I have a customer request which I am not able to fulfill with available modules, so i wanted to gain a bit of an overview of what is available out there, in the Ecommerce sector.

    Basically, I'd need an Ecommerce where the customer can purchase an amount of credits and use those to purchase products on the website. Additional parameters like buy 1$=1 credit and 5$=6 credits would be nice.
    Another nice thing would be that it is possible to integrate this into a CMS like drupal, or at least into something of typo. Another must ist that it hast to support downloadable products [music and videos].

    Could anybody reccomend something similar?

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    Ps: i forgot about a functionality i needed, which is SMS payment , so something that supports such functionality would be great.

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