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    very strange problem

    hello there.these is my very strange story.i have a site with a big traffic for the last 8 was in the first rank in the first page in google.recently in 14 april i changed a web hosting site was still in the first rank but suddendly 2 days ago dissapeared from google.when i hit is shows the old site in my old server but when i see the cache of my site i can't see it as it was 3 days ago in to the new host bots are still visit my site but my site as index there is nowhere.i have a friend with the same traffic and same content which also is hosted to these new company.JUST THE SAME problem.what might be changed in these company so we have these problem with google?can i ask them something?your opinions please

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    I think you need to post this in the SEO/SEM forum.
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    Maybe your new host's IP got blacklisted by google?
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