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    Dual OS reseller hosting, free end user support, clustered services (GCS)

    EIRCA is the leading name in managed, full service reseller web hosting. Proudly offering resellers a platform from which to sell windows and Linux from one account, bill and support their customers and makes use of one of the most powerful server clusters available.

    EIRCA is also the official partner with North American IT giant Softlayer for managed H-Sphere services, serving as the datacenter operators' official partner for all things 'H-Sphere'.

    For a limited time, you can save up to 50% on reseller hosting services from the long-time industry leader, EIRCA Ltd.

    • HS One: save 20% on your recurring monthly bill. Enter promo code hsone20
    • HS Two: save 30% on your recurring monthly bill. Enter promo code hstwo30
    • HS Three: save 40% on your recurring monthly bill. Enter promo code hsthree40
    • HS Four: save 50% on your recurring monthly bill. Enter promo code hsfour50

    Order now
    , view all plans or read on...

    What do we offer?

    Disk space: Up to 40GB
    Monthly transfer (GB): Up to 400
    Domains: Unlimited
    HSphere 3.0 control panel
    Free, personally branded DemoDemo end user tutorials
    Personalized private nameservers
    Anonymous server names for added layer of anonymity
    Windows AND Linux in one reseller account
    Free end user support
    Resell domains at $6.95
    Regular Monthly price: from only $24.95
    Access to EIRCA Live!: - including technical support via live chat!
    Live third party monitoring and statistics
    24/7 toll free phone support!

    Minimum Server specifics:
    CentOS Linux 4.4 and Windows Server 2003
    RAID5 protected hard drives
    Daily offsite backups
    Dual Intel® Xeon™ 3.06Ghz processors
    4GB ECC registered RAM

    Order now

    Our one of a kind uptime guarantee provides maximum protection for our resellers:
    EIRCA guarantees 99.9% uptime on every reseller hosting server, or you get Double Your Money back. Below, you'll find an example. In the example, we have a user named Joe.
    • Joe is a reseller for EIRCA Ltd
    • Joe pays EIRCA $29.95 each month
    • One month, Joe's sites go down for 50+ minutes, causing the monthly uptime to be under 99.9%
    • Joe contacts EIRCA and requests a rebate for his troubles
    • EIRCA credit Joe with $59.90 - double what he paid for that month.
    • EIRCA corrects the issue that caused the downtime.

    More information on our H-Sphere reseller hosting plans is available at:

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can chat live with a sales technician, call us, post in our forum, or contact us here

    These are features that you can resell to your users:
    • MySQL
    • MS SQL
    • ASP.NET Enterprise Manager
    • phpMyAdmin
    • MS Access
    • PGSQL
    Coding/Scripting options
    • CGI/Perl w/ private CGI-BIN
    • Linux: PHP 4.4.x w/ Zend optimizer (latest stable builds)
    • Windows: PHP 4.4.4 and 5.1 - dynamically switch between the two.
    • Server Side Includes
    • Python
    • Curl, GD, ImageMagick
    • Personal cron tasks
    • ASP, ASP.NET 1.1, ASP.NET 2.0 - dynamically switch between 1.1 and 2.0
    • Coldfusion MX 7
    Advanced reseller functions:
    Account management

    Manage your entire client base from one easy-to-use control panel. Experience and utilise the power of the H-Sphere control panel to fully automate your reseller hosting business:
    • H-Sphere Control Panel
    • Sell both Windows AND Linux from one account
    • EasyApp one-click install script library
    • Automated Customer Signup
    • Automated Domain Registration
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Recurring Billing adjusted with tax management
    • E-mail Notifications and Invoicing
    • Fully Automated Account Provisioning
    • Manage all domains through one interface
    • Domain-specific settings
    • Customizable Error Pages
    • Online file-manager with file editing privileges
    • MS FrontPage Extensions (Windows only)
    • Full DNS editing privileges
    • Directory index manager
    • SSL manager
    • Automated sub-domain creation
    • Script handler configuration
    • FTP sub accounts (Windows and Linux)
    Billing related advanced features
    • Traffic and Disk Quota Management
    • Integrated Billing ( FREE )
    • Integrated Support System with E-mail to Ticket Panel integration.
    • Sending Mass E-mails to Customers
    • Automatic and integrated DNS Management
    • E-mail User Notification when approaching quota limits
    • External Affiliate Program Support
    • 30+ supported Merchant Gateways
    • Support for 7 real-time third party web payment systems: Worldpay, Paypal, 2checkout, Paynova, Gestpay, WebMoney, Chronopay
    • CVV Credit Card Verification
    • Custom web payment systems
    • Credit card encryption

    Get started today and partner with the worlds number one reseller web hosting provider.
    EIRCA Ltd, home of The Genius Network™.

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    Question clustered services (GCS) ?

    Where are your global cluster services (GCS) located?.

    Servers located in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia?.

    Can we choose the Server location ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikanwong View Post
    Where are your global cluster services (GCS) located?.

    Servers located in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia?.

    Can we choose the Server location ?
    Hi ikanwong,

    The Geographically Clustered Services information can be found at and

    EIRCA Ltd, home of The Genius Network™.

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