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    Fastest Website of the World?

    Hi guys,

    I need your help in verifying the legitimacy of a story below.

    I just came across a PR stating that they're the fastest website in the world? The link to this PR can be found on

    The PR basically said that (monitoring service) named them as the fastest website in the world because their site is faster than sites like CNN, Google, Dell, Yahoo, Amazon, MSN,, Altavista, ESPN, HotBot, Napster, Disney, eBay, Earthlink etc. But when I go to press release archive, I can't seem to find any news related to this one. And the most disturbing thing is when I test their site, they are not ranked on number 1.

    The joke is they boasted that they have 45 offices worldwide, and when I go to their regional sites, it all looks the same?

    The bottom of the page even posted their NASDAQ stock symbol: ROZA, and when I enter it in, I get the Unknown symbol error??

    If you have the time, read their interview with
    I can't believe what the said.

    I really doubt if they are really what they claimed to be... If they are lying, my question is, does hosting directories like and verify the legitimacy of the press releases and interviews posted on their website?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    At least he named his company after the girl he could never get

    A little random but never the less....touching


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    I would say they probably did the web site sample test on the front pageand then based their cliams off form it. I did and I beat all those other sites too. Wonder if that means I can now issue a press release claiming to the be the worlds fastest web site??

    Compared to Popular Sites

    Site Response Time * 0.1119
    Overture 0.4020 0.4189
    Disney 0.4622
    ESPN 0.4813 0.5512
    Google 0.5927 0.6061 0.6815 0.7797
    Slashdot 0.8662
    DELL 0.8986 1.0475
    MSN 1.1024
    Yahoo! 1.2913
    Napster 1.4023
    eBay 1.5388 1.5574 1.5840 1.8945
    Earthlink 2.0070
    Altavista 15.0772

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    I think what they said was a huge overstatement.

    Using the web test at, also ranks higher than..

    "CNN, Google, Dell, Yahoo, Amazon, MSN,, Altavista, ESPN, HotBot, Napster, Disney, eBay, Earthlink..."

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    yes exactly.
    This company looks more like a one-man operation company rather than a multinational conglomerate.

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    Yep and the bull about the Ŕ ÚPulse' scripting language and how it has become the most popular language used on the net today..

    I did a google on it and the only site that mentions it is his and it is only one line..

    This guy can spin it, you have to give him credit for that.

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    two more sites featuring their press releases.

    the link to their renowned eyePulse scripting language

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    They do have a nifty flash intro, but most of the pages on their stie either lead back to the same place or are 404.
    Jordan Bouvier

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    lol ive never heard of eyepulse is it any good?
    -Robert Norton

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    I always thought this was the fastest site, at least for me...
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    Originally posted by interactive
    lol ive never heard of eyepulse is it any good?
    LOL yeah!

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    Eyepulse? ewwww.....

    the name reminds me of Total Recall when Arnold was gasping for breath and his eyes and head were THAT's an EyePulse!

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    Maybe the programming language really does what it says... to pulsate your eyes when you discover that there's no 'if else'

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    The speed a web site loads depends on many factors, like where you are coming from for one.

    Is and in the same buliding on the same internal network?

    If so, Hell yes the speed would be faster.

    From my location:

    Roundtrip time to W2N.NET, average = 62ms, min = 62ms, max = 69ms -- 22-Aug-02 2:51:15 PM

    Holy cow batman, my Rackshack Server beats them??!!!

    Roundtrip time to, average = 54ms, min = 54ms, max = 59ms -- 22-Aug-02 2:54:35 PM
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