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    Need a webdesigner for one page only

    Hello, I am a simple kinda guy so this is what I need. I would like one page designed that compliments my home page. Not the exact type of colors and style but a new page that makes the user feel like they are entering a new section of the site. I know how to design pages myself but I am not great at creating graphics so that is why I want to pay someone to do that part. Basically I will pay you, you will give me the page, and we are done If you are the type of person who promises a project and disappears please disregard this post. Please send me a pm so I can show you my homepage and provide more details.

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    Thats a perfect task for

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    Hmm any other ones?

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    I would be interested in this task/project, you may view my portfolio at and contact me through there.


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    Moved to design requests.
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    Iam interested in taking up this work and i can give you a great looking design for your one page with a reasonable cost and also a quick turnaround time.

    Please let me view your home page, so that i can go accordingly for the 1 page to be designed.

    also can reach me online here

    msn: ganesh(at)pentavisual(dot)com


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    Please provide more information. You can contact me by going to


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    Anyone else please? Just like always someone contacted me, I showed them what I needed, they said sure no problem, and disappeared. I have been offering services to thousands of customers for over 10 years and when I say I will do something I will do it. If not I will turn down the job so I have no idea why I cannot find someone who is reliable who will do what they say and get paid.

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