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    Using ftp before dns propagation

    I wonder if anyone can help with this... I have signed up for a reseller account with Hostgator with the intention of moving all my sites from my old provider 4sites (avoid avoid avoid!). Obviously I want to avoid downtime so the theory is create the new accounts in whm, upload the files and then change nameservers. Problem is, I can't seem to get ftp to work before changing nameservers. I've tried logging in using my ip and usernames and whilst it lets me login, I can't upload anything, I just get 404 errors. Depending on what I put into the remote directory field on my ftp program (cuteftp) I see different things. If I leave it blank I see 2 entries:

    but if I put /~username/ in the remote directory field I see various files like forward.gif back.gif and ?W=A and other cryptic things. Either way I can't upload and I can't delete the rogue files.

    Anyone have any clue what is happening and what I'm doing wrong

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    This seems a little odd. Are you sure the accounts are setup?

    You should be able to just login with your IP address and username/password and be able to upload files via FTP no problem.

    Once the files are uploaded you should be able to access them via IP address /~username/ - although I suppose HG could have set this up slightly differently.

    If your sites are dynamic and database/script driven then the sites may not work when run from an IP/~username/ rather than your domain, but that should be sorted out when the dns propagates.

    Have you contacted HG about this?
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    Problem Solved

    Yes, I contacted hostgator about it, but they seemed confused and said they couldn't reproduce the error, so I went back and looked again and it turnedout that somehow, cuteftp had decided to do the transfers via HTTP rather than FTP, which I've never seen it do before so it didn't occur to me as a possibility. I changed the setting back to FTP and all was well, although I'm still a bit mystified about some of those entries I was seeing!

    I thought I'd managed to edit my original post to show that I found a solution but obviously I didn't. Sorry about that.
    Thanks for the reply anyhow.
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    Have you tried logging into ""? You should be able to do that.

    Log using that, and then put your username and password.
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    IP address is the best bet, as the host and the client may be on different servers.

    Pleased to hear you got it working.
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    Problem Solved
    Good to hear it.

    Thread closed.
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