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Thread: time zone?

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    time zone?

    This is a stupid question, but i was just wondering what you guys usually set your time zone to? Where you are located? Where the server is located? or GMT?
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    Although I dun run a web business but I guess it makes sense to set it to where you are located. If you run an office and runs it from 9 to 5, you want all support tickets and correspondences to gel with that time.

    So when someone sends you a support ticket after your official office hours, they probably know they do not need to wait for an answer or get angry before you did not answer their queries.

    Or supposed if you have a time-limited offer and you got your server through some script do the time-out. You want the clock to be set to your office time. Makes sense though.

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    We actually set the timezone on our servers for where most of our customers are located, and that's Pacific Time, because most of our customers are on the west coast.

    It's our attempt to satisfy the majority of the customers.
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    Even though it seems like the majority of our customers are from the east coast, our company and our servers are located on the west coast, so we keep the timezone at Pacific Time. Since the customers know that the servers are on the west coast, it might be kind of confusing to them if we were to change the timezone.
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