Yes, forget promises of unlimited this, unlimited that - what you really want is a host that you know is going to be in it for the long haul with you.

And thats us.

No really.

From as little as 15 per month, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a host that doesn't oversell, doesn't overload and owns all their own servers!

Heres our packages:

5 Gb Data transfer
250 MB Space
5 Email addresses
ASP (.net/classic)
4 / month

10 Gb Data transfer
500 MB Space
2 Domains
2 Subdomains
2 Domain Aliases
10 Email addresses
5 MySQL Databases
ASP (.net/classic)
6 / month

20 GB Data transfer
1 GB Space
4 Domains
4 Subdomains
4 Domain Aliases
20 Email addresses
5 MySQL Databases
ASP (.net/classic)
8 / month

35 Gb Data transfer
1.5 Gb Space
8 Domains
8 Subdomains
8 Domain Aliases
25 Email addresses
8 MySQL Databases
ASP (.net/classic)
11 / month

50 Gb Data transfer
2 Gb Space
16 Domains
16 Subdomains
16 Domain Aliases
75 Email addresses
15 MySQL Databases
ASP (.net/classic)
18 / month

Our Support:
We pride ourselves on our outstanding support, delivering the goods time and time again (testimonials available on request) without fail. We offer both email and telephone support, and guarantee a response within 20 minutes of your ticket, and once you have been assigned an engineer - thats who you will deal with from then on, no passing about!

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