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    live broadcasting and video streaming...

    I have 250-450 dollar budget to beging hosting a social network website with live broadcasting and video streaming capabilities-let's say that it will be something similar to I need a hosting company in USA--Texas is a good place. What do you recommend in terms of bandwidth, servers and webhosting company?
    any help is welcomed...

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    Interesting site. One of the big ones in Texas would be ThePlanet.
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    You will need quite a powerful server for this depending on how big the site gets. I would recommend for dedicated servers. Used them in the past and were really good

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    please, more answers...

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    Well, you can take a look in the dedicated offers section to see if any particular offer is suited for you, but you need to know exactly what your requirements are in terms of hardware and how much bandwidth you actually plan on using, as that budget might be a bit low for such a site.
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    I was told that for the beginning I will need between 2000 and 3000 bandwidth. I don't know if this is enough for live broadcasting? I would love to listen to people who have experience in this field? Does the Planet is the best server for live broadcasting, etc?

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    The Planet might be good, but it all depends where your users are located, what quality the stream will be at, how many people will actually be watching a stream, there are quite a few things to take into consideration.
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    My users are going to be located mainly in USA and Latin America, and Spain. Let's say that for the first month 400 people will daily see my website, and that I will stream with high resolution. what do I need for something like that?

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    Well, I'd be looking for a dual core or a low end quad core, 2GB of RAM or more, 100mbps port, and perhaps cPanel, depending how well you can use a server. You will in fact be required to install your own software and manage your server unless you hire a management team to do installations and maintenance on it.
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    that sounds good to me but what about the bandwidth and hosting company? Could you give me a few names for hosting company?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mag2008 View Post
    My users are going to be located mainly in USA and Latin America, and Spain. Let's say that for the first month 400 people will daily see my website, and that I will stream with high resolution. what do I need for something like that?
    With that users and stream high resolution video, 2TB-3TB bandwidth per month will not enough, so you should be charged for overages. You would need to use high-quality bandwidth and to increase your budget a little bit.
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    then, what hosting company do you recommend and what bandwidth? Money is not a problem here...

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    If you have to choose between theplanet and softlayer for live broadcasting what would you choose...?

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    Ok, guys I need more help on this one here. What about hosting companies and bandwidth?

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    it may be worth taking a look at , they suggest using for the performance that you are wanting !

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    thanks for the tip... Now that I know that I will need at least 3300 bandwidth and dual core, 2 gb ram, what reliable company do you recommend here in USA?

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    You might need to hire a consultant.

    There's so many questions and factors in what you're trying to do, your guestimations of "at least 3300 bandwidth and dual core, 2gb ram" seem pretty arbitrary and likely completely useless without being able to easily answer the following sort of questions:

    What format is the video source? How is it being streamed to the server, How is the webserver sending it back out? native or is it doing transcoding? is it possible to do the transcoding @ the source ala vlc or something... do you have any clue what I'm talking about, or have a technical person who does?

    Do you have a desired software package you're already intending to use? Linux or MS based? Adobe or Java or ? Have you already purchased this software solution?

    What is the resolution of the played video, what's the audio format and bitrates? What do you consider "high resolution"? Is this coming from some sort of cheap webcam source?

    How many users do you want to be able to support simultaneously?

    I've worked with people to setup sites similar to the one you linked, also ones using specifically the software which powers They all gave up after losing thousands of $s.
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    what kind of services do you offer?

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    I need more help here....

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    Have you tried LimeStoneNetworks? - They have a facility at Texas I believe. And they do have servers of different category, and also coretask servers for guys like you who are focused on a particular hosting. Their deals are pretty good as well. Hope that helps.....cheers!

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    so far LimeStone doesn't have better deals than softlayer or layeredtechs when it comes to bandwidth

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    Mag 2008 I may have the answer you are seeking. However I am a new and unable to post a link and I donít want to violate any terms of use since I am here to learn as well.

    I can tell you have a few streaming video web sites. I have tried numerous servers and been very disappointed by all of them until my current host. I almost gave up trying.

    If you would like a PM maybe I can tell you that way. I am not sure what the system allows me to do at this point. I feel you should speak directly with my hosting company. My current hosting company rocks, the server I am on has eight processors and 8 gigs of ram and unmetered bandwidth. I run HD streaming video without a problem.

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