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    Thumbs down Review: 1 Year with Hostdime

    I've been with hostdime for about a year and it is time for me to move on. I'll try to keep this review as neutral as possible for a fair review


    When I first started with hostdime, I was really impressed by the support. I was new at the time and I thought any response under a day is good lol. Response time from a ticket was usually 20 minutes to 4 hours. Usually, they are pretty quick and don't take too long, but lately some of my new tickets has been left unnoticed for as long as 4 hours. While surfing these boards, I read that response time from tickets should be under 20 mins so I guess hostdime needs to work on that.

    So far, every issue I have brought up in a ticket has been resolved in a timely manner, except for one issue I will discuss later. Support crew seem to be pretty nice and helpful. Not sure about the phone support, never used it before.

    They also offer support through forums. Before I got reseller from hostdime I got shared hosting from hasweb who is owned by hostdime I believe. Their forum support is pretty good. The guy who moderates it(Aric, who also moderates hostdime forums) really knows his stuff. Forum support is of course slower than ticket.

    You will not find the same prices for hosting anywhere else. $200 a year for a basic reseller with pretty good support is a major plus. Dedicated servers start at $90 a month which is also very impressive. I believe both categories are managed as well.

    This is unfortunately where they faulter. Keep in mind that this is for resellers only, I have no experience with their dedicated servers.

    Over the course of my time with hostdime my site would go down every now and again throughout the year. I would send in a ticket and they would fix it within the day. Lately, the server has been down multiple times throughout the week. In fact, my site has been having problems for the past 3 months. I was notified that people on the same machine were abusing the service and that this was common among resellers. That's a good excuse, but no excuse is good enough to cover for 3 months of issues.

    I had around 10 sites on my resellers, and only 3 of them were active. These 3 sites combined did not go over 1 gig a month. My CPU usage was non existant as well. Why they had so many problems keeping my site up is beyond me.

    FTP access/transfer is also very slow. The transfer itself is fast, but connecting and the wait to begin transfering files could take more than 10 seconds.

    I do have to say thanks to hostdime to attempt to help me as a last ditch effort to save a customer. Previous ticket responses were pretty lacking and they all pretty much said, "We're carefully monitoring your server... etc". They offered to move my resellers to a newer server, but after much consideration I have to decline. I'm playing by the rules so why should I have to move? I really don't understand why they just didn't kick the abuser off of the server.

    To recap:
    Good service in the beginning
    Bad service now

    I think they just got too big for their own good.

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    Thanks for taking time to post this review, we appreciate your input to the community. I apologize you saw any downtime at all we always strive to keep all servers up 100%. We manage over 3,500 servers now and while we maintain most of them over the 99.5% sometimes some shared servers fall below that. I sincerely apologize this happened to the server you were on. It is unacceptable.

    Usually this downtime results from another user on the server doing something which effects everyone on the server. Sometimes tracing this is very hard and thus why it seems we have done nothing but I assure you we do actively try to move the abusers to their own servers. This has nothing to do with your account it self nor us as a company as we maintain a big network and most likely the issue was isolated to the server you were on.

    If you can give us a chance to resolve this for you I would be obliged along with giving you 3 months credit. I am not sure if you ever thought about a vps as well. Dedicated servers get the most uptime obviously as the server is all to yourself but we understand the costs may not be justifiable.

    Feel free to pm me it would be an honor.

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    I must say, given the situation, that was a very respectable reply from HostDime..

    Mason, did you already switch to a new provider? - KnownHost VPS? Liquid Web VPS? See my personal experience with these hosts.
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    yea I already switched.

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    Best of luck with your new host, if they don't work out our offer above will never expire. We appreciate the opportunity.

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