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    My Congrats to EV1 (Rackshack)

    They survived a Slashdoting today....

    For those not familar a popular website called Slashdot posts intresting Nerd articles and intresting stories. Most websites after being posted usually crumble under the strain of thousands of users instantly crawling through their site...

    EV1 stood fast and held strong...

    The article is very humorous... This guy is selling on Ebay a full size replica of the space shuttle cockpit that is fully functional...

    It's an EV1 (Rackshack) user so all of the photos and another link in the header of the story goes to their homepage...

    I find it funny that this (I don't believe) isn't a paying webhosting customer. Just a guy that uses their dial-up service in Texas hosting the images on his personal webspace there. I wonder how much bandwidth he used up today...
    ... I could only imagine...
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    Any server that can survive a /. needs to be recognized. Only some of the largest companies have survived. Although just the other day the RIAA servers failed to hold.

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    wow, a surviver of a slashdotting, now THATS an achivement, being slashdotted is a nasty experience id imagine. - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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