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    Place your banner at PR2 site from $1 per month!

    Hi guys,

    Here is an offer for you guys to place a banner at www.EarthExplode.Org for as low as $2 per month.

    Pricing breakdown - WHT Specials:
    1. 125x125 - $2/month or $12/year ($1/month)
    2. 468x60 - $4/month or $36/year ($3/month)
    3. 728x90 - $9/month or $96/year ($8/month)
    This special rate is only available to members.
    As such, only PM will be entertained. Email = normal price (shown at site)

    Facts about the site:

    Google PageRank: 2
    PageRank prediction: 4
    Alexa Ranking: 3,911,963
    Page visibility (Google): 3,850
    Yahoo! page backlinks: 780

    Target Audience: Malaysian, Singaporean & American

    Link Price Calculator:

    SEOChat: $6/month
    Celebrity Contest Directory: $7/month
    Cutop: 11 Euro/month

    Google Adsense Info:
    Google Adsense is placed inside the website and not in the homepage.

    Last 7 days:-
    Page Impressions: 326
    Clicks: 3

    This month - April:-
    Page Impressions: 1,527
    Clicks: 17

    Last month - March:-
    Page Impressions: 2,225
    Clicks: 11

    Adbrite Info:-
    Adbrite is placed inside the website and not in the homepage.

    Last 7 days:-
    Ad Zone Views: 390

    Last 30 days:-
    Ad Zone Views: 2,357

    This month - April:-
    Ad Zone Views: 2,006

    Last month - March:-
    Ad Zone Views: 2,519

    Average daily pageviews: 79

    Payment method: PayPal

    For inquiries or to advertise, please PM me.

    Thank you.
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    Just to note that these ads will be placed at the home pages only. (as some had asked about this)

    I would also like to remind you that these ad rates are only applicable when you contact me through PM.
    Emails = normal rates (at site)
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