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Thread: server uptime

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    Question server uptime

    I want to know how can I get better uptime in my server.
    how Google and yahoo has no downtime?
    please tell all solutions in low cost.

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    multiple servers, multiple DNS servers, load balancing, sync of data and a lot of $$$$
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    so if you get details about them we appreciate it.

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    For HTTP you can use a loadbalancer, e.g. pound and for filesystem and drbd . mySQL since version 5 is able to use master-master-replikation. With some vps on different hosts, you might geht a nice solution.

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    It also depends on what processes you are running on your server. if they go too high it will crash the server out. Maybe if you are having uptime issues you should invest in another server?

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    High Availability on VPS services can be achieved. It won't like Google or Yahoo's like Load Balancing, but more of a failover system. I highly suggest you leave it up to provider to do this for you.
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