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    300GB NAC MULTI-HOMED Transfer LIMITED SPECIAL starting at $125

    MeHost is pleased to announce this limited time offer for 300GB of NAC bandwidth with 24/7 Live Support. Cheap Cpanel and virtually 100% uptime

    Single Config

    1 GHz Pentium III CPU
    512 MB PC133 SDRAM
    60 Gb Seagate 7200 rpm
    5 IPS extra are issued as needed per ARIN
    300 GB Multi-Homed NAC Transfer

    $300 Setup
    $125 Monthly

    Dual Config

    (2) 1.13 Ghz GHz Pentium III CPU - 512k
    512 MB PC133 SDRAM
    60 Gb Seagate 7200 rpm
    5 IPS extra are issued as needed per ARIN
    300GB Multi-Homed NAC Transfer

    $500 Setup
    $175 Monthly

    Ip to traceroute to

    Addons and upgrade

    Cpanel $35
    Add'l 60 Gb 7200rpm HD $95 one time fee
    Add'l 512 Mb PC133 SDRAM $125 one time fee

    Technical Support:
    - Reboots included at no charge, unless deemed excessive.
    - Advanced technical support available for $75 per hour.

    Network Connectivity and info about Mehost NETWORK MAP

    Mehost has 75 providers mutli-homed to provide virtually 100% uptime to you.

    Minimum three month required. Data transfer measured using actual bandwidth usage. Additional data transfer billed at $2.00 per GB in 10GB increments. Additional IP addresses available at no charge, following ARIN's regulations (RFC 2050). Price is guaranteed to remain the same for as long as the customer chooses to keep the server. This is a limited time promotion. Legal adult content is permitted. Illegal or offensive content, UCE (spam), and IRCD are not permitted.

    All pricing information contained in this offer applies only to this offer, and are only available at the time of signup at the advertised rates. Servers are usually online within three to five business days or less.

    Sales / Signup info:

    Email [email protected] or [email protected]

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    Is this NAC or DCJN - the traceroute shows DCJN.

    13 ( 41.319 ms 41.460 ms 40.902 ms
    [QuickPacket™] [AS46261]
    Located in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA
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    DCJN is no more it is NAC just han't changed the reverse on it.

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    Hello, i am planning server move in near future and have been trawling this forum, 2 names popup in relation to, which has best UK connection.

    i know mehost is connected with pwebtech

    a quick tracert show both on, good however as i look a live tracert i see mchost is after while pwebtech is not.

    what does this mean? well mehost records ping og approx 160 where as pwebtech has approx 88

    so mehost may have good server deal but i would not go with them if on or what ever it is called now, mehosts are slower by a lot.

    mehost, get rid of extra hops

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    The main mehost server is located out of nyc all servers that we sell go in this subnet network segment Which is on the same network as


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    are those seagate drives ide or scsi?
    -Robert Norton

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    What would it cost to upgrade to dual SCSI drives?
    Jeremy » [email protected]
    Front Drive » Advanced multi-domain hosting solutions

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    k, thanks.
    Jeremy » [email protected]
    Front Drive » Advanced multi-domain hosting solutions

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    Wow, hefty setup price. Other than that, the deal looks good.
    I have servers at: NetDepot/GNAX (A), SoftLayer (A), LiquidWeb (B+), DedicatedNow (B+), Nectartech (B) and more!

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    ahem, hoping to hear back from Ed in response to my email.

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