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    Italy dedicated server


    I am looking for a dedicated server company in Italy with the follwing "specs"

    p4 3ghz or similar
    1GB ram
    1500-3000GB per month
    Good network/latency
    English support

    Budget: 75-175euro (depending on bandwidth)

    Any help would be appreciated, ive been browsing for a while and I have an hard time finding reviews.

    Thank you!

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    I believe futurahost has servers in Italy, however, I am not sure about their quality of services. You should check around first

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    Just wondering.. how much it really makes a difference whether your host is in Italy or US !!??!!
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    16,965 is a good provider for Italy dedicated servers. You can try to contact them.
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    The location is important latency wise for our clients.
    I am also shopping for norway and spain servers. is very very low bandwidth transfer.

    Thank you all for the help so far.

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