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    Need a hosting provider to sell PDFs.

    Hello All,

    I'm new to the forums here. I have a client who is looking for a hosting provider to sell pdfs online. I'd like a solution that will enable someone to create an account etc, add a pdf to their shopping cart, pay for it via credit card and have the pdf automatically sent.

    I've seen that oCommerce and Zen Cart can do that but it looks like they would require customizations etc. Plus they would likely need a real administrator for the box etc. I'd like to set something up so they would be required to do very little work. And as usual they don't want to spend alot of money etc.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Thumbs up This will do it

    SquirrelCart (, along with the Download add-on module will do this. I have a client who is using this for e-books and audio lectures. Approx cost right now is $160 for SC and the module.

    I understand a new version is coming out soon, and the prices will be going up. I think they offer a money-back trial period, although don't hold me to that. Check out the web site.

    I've installed SC on 3 sites so far, and each client is very happy. I'm happy because it works, and it's fairly easy to modify the look so it matches the rest of your site. (It can also function as the whole site by itself, if you're looking for that.)
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    Does your client already have a merchant account / gateway or use an IPSP? If the IPSP is Paypal, you might check out Payloadz.

    If they don't have anything, Share-It might be an option as well to help manage the downloads.

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    So far my client has a static html site.

    I don't think Share-It will work since it doesn't seem like it could be branded, plus the transaction costs are kind of high for this product. It will only cost a couple bucks.

    Are there any providers out there than can readily use the ZenCart or squirrelcart products?



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    Oh they will eventually have a hardcopy product to sell as well so it will be necessary for the site/product also support that.

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