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    Post Any suitable payment processor for PTC sites?

    Hi all,

    I have a PTC site and would like to know if there is any payment processor or merchant account that's suitable for this kind of website. I am under the impression that CCBill/Epoch are very reliable for adult sites, but how are they doing in this money-making area? Besides, I think PTC sites have lower risks than adult sites, hence there would be some lower fee solutions?

    Please let me know your opinions. Thanks in advance :-)

    BTW: AlertPay could be an option. But they have *locked* my verified business account for some certain reason... I don't want to decrease their reputation in this public way, so PM me if you want to know the details.

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    I have only one idea: surplus all possible payment systems. Getting in touch with suport. That is quite difficult work, but once you have done that you will be expert. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    Am I only one here with no clue about what PTC is?
    what the heck is PTC, man?

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    PTC means Pay To Click. You can check this site for details:

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    Is credit card suitable for it?

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