I have a VPS that is runinng CentOS 5.1.

I shrugged this off in the beginning as a problem with my internet connection in my house (it isn't very good). However, I'm now getting comments from other people that it is happening to them to.

Intermittently, when I go to the websites on my computer (www.moneytime.ca) is one...

First, it can take several seconds to load, almost to the point where sometimes I think it will fail.

Second, sometimes when I try to connect, I will get a server not found message. But, sometimes putting a trailing '/' on the URL works. Sometimes it doesn't though.

So... I'm thinking that I have to optimize apache/PHP/mysql.

Can anyone help me out with some ideas or maybe some good tutorials to optimize it.

OH: I did a test with dns stuff when I first setup the server and one second came back as a warning and it said that it can cause a delay in the connecting because the TLD was different or something. I don't really udnerstand it and I don't know what to look for.

Can anyone please help?