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    Dedicated Server 1U/P4 1.5Ghz + 512 ram

    hey all,

    This is the deal.

    1U Rack Server
    P4 1.5Ghz
    512 megs of ram (upgradable to 1GB)
    60GB IDE 7200RPM
    500GB of transfer
    (the b/w is fresh and clean! =) - enjoy!
    16 IPs (more is free, just need to justify)

    $299 setup fee $199 a month.

    If u prepay 1 year , i waive the setup fee and give u 3 months free.

    PM me back for more details!

    have a great day!

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    Would be nice if you give a little more information about your company and network. Also, a website would help. Nice offer btw.

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