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Thread: spam sucks

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    spam sucks

    Spam sucks, especially when it's from people in your own industry. I've recently gotten spam from ipowerweb and from ********. Here's the spam from ********:

    I came across your site while looking for hosting companies and was curious as to which registrar you are currently working with for domain registrations. My name is Tim Folliard and I work at ******** Network and we have an excellent reseller program and can probably match or beat the price you are currently getting your domains for. If interested, let me know and I'll see what kind of deal we might be able to work out. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Tim Folliard
    If he'd actually visited our site, he would know who our registrar is, and it's not convincing when the return address is bulksales@***********.com. Grr.
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    Some people....

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    my favorite are spammers within these boards... i was thinking of them on the way home from work.. such as

    oh, i'm joe sunshine and i've been with ________ for almost 4 years straight! i think they are incredible, offer excellent support and even helped me set up my very own sql databases. I think they are so cool! blah blah blah... and for only $3.95 for the basic plan, who could go wrong!?
    I look at stuff like that and just smile and crack a laugh. sheesh, what is the world coming too. don't get me wrong, im sure 5% of them are genuine, but now they just all look the same.

    it's all good!
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    You mean all of these newbies aren't people who are extremely happy with their incredibly cheap and reliable hosting companies and using their initial posts to talk about just how happy they are? Well I'm shocked! I thought that there were just a lot of good stories about great hosts!

    Seriously...a note to the hosts ecpHosting has referred to. You're only making yourselves look worse by creating fake accounts and using them to spam the board with this sort of stuff. You'd be a lot better served to focus 10-15 minutes on a good post each day, put your www link in your profile and in your signature, and get business from clients on here who know that you do possess knowledge and expertise and are generally a good host. (And you'll probably find that when someone makes a hosting request, an existing client will have nice things to say about you too.)
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