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    Lightbulb Need Help Choosing A Domain

    Ok, so heres the deal.

    I will be purchasing a reseller plan with eProhosted. They offer "unlimited" hosting space and bandwidth.

    I will not be charging my customers, instead, I will have a donate box on the front page and will make the $20/month through donations. The idea is that it will be a community based website.

    I will be offering this service to anyone, however, it will be targeted to gaming clans, since they are a target audience in need of hosting for their clan or community, and most do not want to pay .

    I need help choosing an effective domain, something eye catching and appealing. .com and .net only, but preferably .com .

    All I have come up with so far is .

    I understand that the servers are not top notch, however, it doesn't matter too much, as long as we get the $20/month in donations.

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    I think your posting in the wrong domain if you need help on which domain to choose. Also, while donations work every now and then, you can actually advertise on your site once it brings in traffic via google adwords, etc etc... and try to break even that $20/mo.

    Honestly, when you purchase a domain, it all depends on how much you are willing to dedicate your time to in order for the site to become popular.
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    There's no such thing as unlimited...

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    Looie's making a great point actually. If you're starting this out thinking that you'll surely get your $20 in donations once you have 10000000 users, don't even start this. A $20 hosting package will give you about $20 worth of service.
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    Read the TOS of any host carefully. It's not uncommon for hosts to ban free hosting off of reseller hosting packages.

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    If you are still trying to come up with a domain idea I would recommend a brandable word to use as your site name. Something pronounceable, easy to remember and catchy. I like the idea you have here, but as ldcd said be careful and read the TOS. Good luck!

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    I like, it sounds relevant and decent. I'd go with that.

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