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    Help finding a webdesigner


    i'am currently working on a website which will work the same way as a facebook and wich would allow each member to customize their page.

    I need a good webdesigner, the project is very ambitious so if you can help me finding some good, reliable webdesigners that could work on this project that would be great.

    I need help as soon as possible

    Thank you!!!!

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    I advise looking for both a Designer and a Programmer that can work together. Companies today often try to hire people who can do both and typically never master both skills.

    For a site on that scale you may need to look into a specialty company, if you have a big budget that is.

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    Do you have any names of reliable companies that i could contact? it would be greatly apreciated.

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    There is a 'Design Requests' section on these forums where you can post a request for something like this, though I warn you, it will cost you quite a bit of money for such an ambitious project.
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    if you have an idea, an estimation on how much it will cost please let me know, all i need right is an estimation on how much it should cost to design a website that work the same way as facebook, that will allow members to customize their page. As far as presentation goes we'd like for it to be fluid, easy to navigate into etc..

    any help woud be cool..
    Thank you

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    It's good for you to have everything outlined from the get-go otherwise it will cost you more to get things changed if you end up later thinking you don't like it and have another idea. From what I can tell you're looking for a social networking website, perhaps a FaceBook clone, with your own touch added to it. Depending on the complexity and the amount of features, programming and designing such a website can take several weeks and end up in the 10,000$ - 20,000$ spectrum.
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    Well that's aproximately the budget that i was thinking about to begin with.. Now i need to find some good, reliable web designers, if they are specialized in social networking, better! The problem is actually to find some! i'm searching but i really have a hard time findind webdesigners that look serious, reliable etc...

    That's why i need some help...

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    Perhaps you can list some ideas you may have as to some other main features you may need, what programming language it should be built in, how scalable does the application need to be, will it require localization? I'm sure people can provide some recommendations.
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    Ok, here is what i can tell you as of right now.

    It will work the same as a facebook or a myspace but for a different sort of market.
    We want a website that will be easy to use, easy to customize for the members. Basically we want the member to be able to personalize his page as he wants.
    Let's also say that it will require localization..

    We hope that the site will develop quickly so we would like not to have to upgrade it, to have the expansion possibility covered from the get go.

    As i told you, as of right now i just need an estimation in order to establish my buisness plan, to know what kind of budget we will have to allow for the web design.

    So if people can provide me some recommendations on webdesigners that would be great, if they are specialised in social networking even better.

    Thank you in advance as i really need your help

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