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    Please Recommend

    My family is getting into the blogging business and they want to be hosted together to share costs. What features should I look for in hosting 4 or 5 small but growing blogs?

    Info that may help you give a recomendation:
    • I plan to have a separate url for each blog's root directory.
    • I plan to use wordpress.
    • I want each site to have it's own email addresses.
    • Forums are not needed at this point but may be in the future.

    Thanks in advance for you help!

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    I have 3 blogs on kiosk and a website with sbi.
    You should look for downtime.Kiosk and sbi have 1% downtime.
    Space - you get from 15 Gb up to 79 Gb .I use 30 Gb $45/m but for blogging 15Gb is enough which is $18/month.

    Support-they have 24/7. You can call, email or access chat form in which somebody can answer your Q. any time, night or day.

    They offer solutions, tutorials and video presentation of all the hosting features and for the first month you pay only $1 .This gives you inexpensive, yet reliable, hosting with a company that answers the phone if you need help.

    I've used Kiosk for a number of years now and have had good success overall with them. They use Cpanel as most hosts do. I prefer C-Panel since it's the most common and most used control panel.

    Remember that hosting plans change often. So if you don't see that exact plan months from now, just choose one cheap but still good enough for your business. Make a plan, list of product or services you plan to make in a year. Chose host with unlimited domain adding feature. Good web site hosting provider is somebody online for years with list of testimonials from happy customers.

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    any company that offers packages with add on domains will do all that you need.

    Thats all you really need is to sign up with your main domain then you can add as many as you want through their control panel. You will still be limited on space and bandwidth but a lot of places allow unlimited add on domains.
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    "* I plan to have a separate url for each blog's root directory."
    Means you want to install each blog on root of public_html? or is it okay to use addon domain feature?

    Other then that, they are general and you should not have any problem with finding host. Since it's for blog, you won't need much space and bandwidth, so try to go with non-overselling cuz it's unnecessary at this point.

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    Depending on how active it is though, the only thing I would be weary about is the amount of server resources your site uses. I don't believe you have to worry about to much. There are plenty of hosts out here that will be able to satisfy all of your needs.

    Look for a host that allows add-on domains. It will allow you to add on any amount of domains you would like.
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    Agreed...most hosts here should be able to provide what you need. Let me know what your requirements are in terms of space/bandwidth.
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    Does the addon domain feature support the functionality where typing in www(.)mybrothersblog(.)com brings up his blog and typing in www(.)mysistersblog(.)com brings up her blog?

    I want to be able to separate them enough so that one sibling doesn't screw it up for the other.


    PS. The (.) is because I have under 5 posts.

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    Yes, it does support that. That's the main function of it in fact.
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    All add-on really does it just shares all the resources of the one account while hosting separate domains.
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    Im sorry i have not found a good one yet

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    I'd recommend hostgator. They have a pretty good rep. here. Only a couple issues with foreign signups.
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    Well basically all hosting companies allow you to do that. With a shared hosting package you can host multiple domain and have multiple emails.

    The same is true for a reseller account. A reseller account will better if you want each person to have access to their own hosting account.

    The real problem I think that you should look at is the amount of bandwidth and disc space. And don't forget price as well.

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