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    Need VPS Hardening/Secured


    I just bought a new VPS from PulseInternet/TagBridge, which is great can I mention .

    However, it is probably covered in holes. So I need it secured, hardened, php tweaked, wing wang wizzled.

    Basically Ready for hosting people.
    The people I'll be hosting will probably not give a cr*p about my server and probably but it at risk, so the security is going to need to be quite hardcore.

    I'm not crazy, I know you cant just bash in a few commands in SSH and hey presto it'll be ready to be DDOS'd and shot at but I just need it so at least it isn't easy to break into or taken down etc.

    I'm willing to pay up to $25 (no more as I can just pay PSM and they'll include unlimited tickets)

    I would like a firewall installed, I've tried CSF on a vps before and lets just say, its no longer with us.

    So if you have a way to install CSF that would be great because I love it.
    Also something to stop spammers would be great, if something magical like that exists.

    PM, Post me

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    PSM said that they would do exactly as I needed, a full security audit and hardening.

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    Details sent you via PM

    Cheers - the name says it all!
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    We do provide this service & We can do this for you.

    Please check our services at: ( for Full details & prices)


    -It's our hobby,study and it's our work too. all of our team members have a BS in CS+1 IT certificate at least.

    -We use our OWN custom apps & scripts to secure & administer our customer's servers.

    -We have enough knowledge to resolve any problem related to servers & security.

    - If we cant or unable to fix your server's issue, we will REFUND the money to you.

    If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]


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    Hi there il be more than happy to do this for you,

    i'll harden your server
    install firewall/rootkit protection
    set it up ready for hosting

    For free pm me if your interested

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