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    Server Equipment for sale

    I am going to be buying some 1U rackmount servers when I move to my new colocation host coming up here shortly.

    I have 4 Dual AMD systems that I would like to either sell outright or trade for several 1U rackmount servers.

    Here are the Specs:

    Dual AMD XP 1600 - 1800
    1GB to 1.5GB Registered, ECC DDR per server
    20-40GB IDE 7200 rpm hard drives, 1 per server
    Tyan Tiger K7 Dual AMD motherboard
    350W to 400W power supply per server
    No Floppy or CDrom drive on 3/4
    Mid tower ATX cases

    I know it would be rather trivial to simply place these in a 2U rackmount case and be done with it, but I have zero experience building rackmount servers, and would like to use the smaller 1U form factor anyway.

    These servers are currently in use, hosting halflife and other gameservers, and have been in continuous operation for a year. Please feel free to post, PM me, or email if interested. Thanks!

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    I have had a few PM's on this, please make me an offer on these servers. I am open to suggestions.

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