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    Question ClientExec 3.1 features

    Where I can see all ClientExec 3.1 features?
    What is new in this version and when it comes?

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    You can more details at:

    P.S current version is 3.0.2
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    no, I am talking about version 3.1

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    Here is the CHANGELOG, but I'm sure it's missing A LOT of things:

    * Added New Module (Knowledgebase):
    - Post articles, each one of them can be in one or more categories.
    - The articles can be categorized as public or internal (only visible by staff members), also can be saved as draft.
    - The articles can have file attachments, file extensions allowed are set on support module setting's.
    - Articles can be related between them.
    - Articles can be linked to ticket types. When working with a ticket, the associated articles links will be visible as tabs.
    - Ability to set Multiple root Categories.
    - Only Admin user can publish articles and comments.
    - Ability to Rate an article using ajax, also article's author can't rate his own publications.
    - Added security code when a user is posting a comment(only on public view).
    - Public view includes autosuggestion feature on article search.
    - Added a new Sidebar visible only on knowledgebase views to show the most popular, most viewed and latest articles added.
    - Knowledgebase specific settings.
    - Import knowledgebase data directly from Kayako SupportSuite

    * Added New Module (Domains Management):
    - Import domains from registrar.
    - View domain registration details.
    - Toggle Autorenew.
    - View and edit contact information.
    - Modify domain name server information.
    - Check, register, edit and delete name servers.
    - View and edit dns host information.
    - View and edit domain lock setting.
    - E-mail transfer key to registrant.

    * Public view:
    - Accessible through /public

    * Mobile view:
    - Accessible through /mobile

    * Menus:
    - Improved ease of navigation by separating administrative tasks under the ADMIN menu.
    - Renamed HOME menu to DASHBOARD.
    - Moved setting sections from "admin->settings" to "support->support settings", "billing->billing settings" and "system setup->general settings"
    - Moved plugin sections from "admin->plugins" to "billing->payment processors", "system setup->security settings", "system setup->domain settings", "system setup->automation services" and "system setup->affilates - plugins".
    - Removed Snap-ins menu, and relocated items in multiple menus. Added class variable "menuLocation" in Snap-ins classes, that specify under which module menu should the snap-in go (defaults to Dashboard).

    * Event Logging (Requests #913, #1105 and #1111):
    - User events relevant to each customer's profile, packages, bills and tickets will be logged for the administrator to have a track record.
    - Such log will be visible in the following sections:
    - In the Dashoard, as a new snapshot tab, showing only the main events.
    - In the customer profile section, showing the last most important 25 events.
    - In the Client Event Log section under the Client Info module, same as the one in the profile section, but enabling showing a given time range.
    - In the Billing Event Log section under the Billing module, showing all events related to this customer's bills.
    - When viewing a ticket's details, you'll see the ticket event log tab, showing all the history for the current ticket.
    - Three new permissions have been created to view Client and Packages events, Billing events and Ticket events respectively.
    - Event logging is disabled by default. Enable what kind of events you wish to log with the new setting under admin->settings->general
    - Events are stored in the tabe "events_log", in an easy format consumable by third party products.
    - A new service "Archive Logs" has been created. It creates a dump of the events_log table. Similar as the backup service, but this one cleans the table after generating the dump. It also lets archive the services_log table.
    - This is the complete list of events logged:
    - Regarding the client profile:
    - Creation: all initial customer data is saved for future reference.
    - Any changes to status, E-mail, taxable status, currency, payment type, creation date, comments, password
    - Alternate E-mail addition/change/deletion
    - CC addition/change/encryption/deletion
    - Any changes to custom fields
    - Changes to groups the customer belongs to
    - Any custom E-mail sent
    - CC expiration warnings sent
    - Upcoming charge notifications sent
    - Regarding customer's packages:
    - Creation date
    - Status changes (activation, suspention, deletion)
    - Any changes to package type, package, domain name, domain order id, domain username, registration length, domain name extra attributes, shared ip, used server, recurring date, next due date, billing cycle, price override, addons
    - Any changes to custom fields
    - Welcome E-mails sent
    - Regarding billing:
    - Invoice and invoice entry creation
    - Whenever an invoice is marked as paid, unpaid, refunded, archived, unarchived, voided
    - Invoice deletion
    - Invoice sent
    - Invoice overdue sent
    - Recurring entry creation, and any changes to bill date, type, description, detail, applies to, and payment term
    - Regarding Tickets:
    - Ticket creation
    - Ticket assignation
    - Changes to priority, subject and status
    - Addition of messages, as well as editions and deletions
    * Staff Notes:
    - Replaced the comments field in the customer's profile for a more advance notes system.
    - Notes can be made visible for the customer, or not.
    - Notes can be associated to a ticket type. When looking at a ticket, the staff notes associated to the ticket type for this customer will appear in a separate tab.
    - Notes can also be created at the customer group level.
    - Upon upgrade, if the old comments field contains something, its contents will be moved to a staff note.
    - Special signup data (IP, hostname, User agent, etc) that used to be stored in the comments field, will now be stored in the customer creation log event.

    * Enom Snap-in:
    - Under Client Info -> Enom Registration Form
    - Through this snap-in you, and your customers, will be able to open Enom accounts from inside ClientExec.

    * Signup:
    - Request #930: In signup, customers are able to select if they are "business account" or "individual account".
    - Request #317: The submit button use the submit function once, so it can only be processed once.
    - Request #400: Allow the use of recurring percentage discount coupons. The discount amount will be locked at the signup, if the package amounts change in the future the discount will remain the same.
    - Request #211: In signup, customers are able to set their Domain Username and Domain Password.
    - Request #809: Added Dropdown with TLD extension in Domain Search
    - Request #696: Added ability to assign different prices for domain renewals
    - Request #141: Added setting to use custom signup completion url
    - Request #393: Added check when the user insert a coupon code in Signup page, but not validate it
    - Allow existing clients to order using their domain username and password combination.

    * Dashboard:
    - Request #947: Added new ticket filter: "My Tickets & Unassigned Tickets".
    - Request #856: Added ability to send overdue notices from the "Invoices" snapshot.
    - Request #934: Announcements do not waste the dashboard space.
    - Added name of ticket owner to ticket dashboard as well as background colored in customer group color if any
    - When clicking on a service in the Services Status tab, you will be taken to the automation services screen as usual, but now exactly to screen section where that service is.

    * Admin:
    - Request #411: Associate domain tlds to a specific registrar plugin. For example, .com domains can use Enom and .net domains can use Directi.
    - Request #938: When viewing package types we should have a column for count in the package list.
    - Request #816: Package types now show the number of active and inactive customers signed up for it.
    - Request #762: Removed the "- Support" in the "From Name" used in announcement E-mails. It now uses the company name as defined in the settings.
    - Request #117: Added ability to add a range of IP address to a server just using a dash (-) to indicate the range.
    - Request #788: Now is possible to add a tax rule for all countries.
    - Request #126: Currency symbol position and its number of decimal places can now be specified for each currency.
    - Request #939: Now coupons can be in two different status: active or archived. Only active coupons can be used
    - Request #1117: Added ability to edit and add staff groups.
    - Added ability to assign colors to customer groups. These colors are visible as background to the customer's name in both ticket details and overview
    - Admin can now determine how many Last seen users to list or decide to hide block all together

    * Clients:
    - Request #850: Admin users can update client profiles even if credit card information is missing.
    - Request #506: Welcome email can be sent to Active or Inactive Customers.
    - Request #925: When adding a new customer's package as an Admin user, the domain name will be checked, and will say if it is available or not.
    - Request #921: Don't show "Accounts Summary" section in the sidebar if the staff member doesn't have the "view clients list" permission.
    - Added template for E-mail sent to rejected customers.

    * Billing:
    - Request #935: Allow clients to make one-time payments through selected payment gateways.
    - Request #964: PDF invoices now shows PAID DATE if invoice is paid, PAYMENT METHOD and PMT REFERENCE if available.
    - Request #884: New "Payment Rejected" E-mail.
    - Request #846: Prices will be rounded depending on the number of decimal places set on the currency. (See Request #126)
    - Request #35a: Tax has been moved to the invoice item level so an invoice may contain taxable and non-taxable items.
    - Request #35a: Domains and package addons can be toggled as taxable.
    - Request #105: Allow custom price overriding for client packages.
    - Added ability to send overdue notices manually.
    - Allow invoices to marked as void.
    - Allow invoices to be marked as refunded.
    - Request #818: Added 'Only for monthly payments' option in the 'Include Following Payment' signup setting, to circunvent Paypal limit that forbids to use subscriptions when using prorating, including the following payment and using a billing cycle other than monthly.
    - Request #231: Added 2 year billing cycles for invoices and packages.
    - Request #138: Recurring coupons can be used forever or for a limited amount of time.
    - Coupons can now be applied before or after taxes.
    - Request #768: Ability to specify which invoice items (according to their type) will a coupon apply to.
    - Request #223: Added CVV2 support on the signup form and one-time payment form.
    - Added ability to also process current and overdue invoices when running the batch payments.
    - Changed setting "Invoice BCC" from a YES/NO option to a text area allowing entering multiple E-mails.

    * Plugins:
    - Request #751: Add DirectAdmin reseller capabilities.
    - Added a new type of plugin for importing data from external sources. Accessible under "Admin->import data".
    - Added payment refund support for the following gateways:
    - BluePay
    - EprocessingNetwork
    - PSiGate
    - Quantun Gateway
    - Request #979: When Snap-ins are removed, delete their related setting from the database as well.
    - Request #991: Autoclose service improvement. Notify user before autoclose a ticket.
    - New Server Plugin: Cast-Control (Shoutcast)
    - New Server Plugin: WHMSonic (Shoutcast)
    - Request #880: Plesk plugin can use domain templates defined in Plesk.
    - Request #1071: Added limit max_mssql_db in Plesk.
    - For the Quantum Gateway, only use maxmind for the first payment.
    - Added support for non UTF-8 charsets in information sent to plesk

    * Reports:
    - Request #971: Implemented export forms as plugins.
    - Request #963: Implemented export invoices tax.
    - Total Income To Date report was timing out for a large number of invoices. Issue has been fixed.
    - When a user that has the inactive or cancelled status pays, then open a ticket to notify admins so that their account can be reactivated (previously this was only implemented for inactive accounts).
    - Added tax column to invoice table of Income report.

    * Support:
    - Added ticket tag to overview for better identifying special tickets based on escalation or SLA
    - Added ability to submit tickets for non-registered clients (manually by the admin, and in the public section).
    - Request #667: Support Email not sent on ticket opened by Admin.
    - Request #555: Domain Name Dropdown in Support Tickets.
    - Request #907: Knowledge base suggestions when entering new ticket.
    - Request #927: Added ability to customize the ticket number prefix in the E-mail subjects ("CE" was hard-coded)
    - Request #921: Added permissions "Reassign own tickets" and "Assign to self tickets owned by others" to allow for more granular control on the support process.
    - Request #940: If customer is replying to a ticket that was closed while they were replying it should reopen the ticket and save comment
    - Request #715: Have E-mail piping handle characters sets.
    - Request #1137: Allow to add to notes for a specific ticket for view by admin only.
    - Requets #1114: Custom filters for the support overview table.
    - When closing a ticket, added ability to write a Resolution Summary note. Such note will appear in the dashboard's Articles snapshot, when selecting the "Ticket Summaries" filter. The department's lead can also be set to receive them by E-mail.
    - Request #1156: When an administrator opens a new ticket, add the ability to have the first message be under his name, and not the user's.
    - Request #1189: Ability to manage ticket types: add, edit, delete and reorder.
    - Request #1185: Added new templates for support e-mails:
    - Notify Support For New Ticket
    - Notify Department Lead For New Ticket
    - Notify Department List For New Ticket
    - Notify Customer For New Ticket
    - Notify Anonymous For New Ticket
    - Notify Assignee For Ticket Reply
    - Notify For New FeedBack).
    - Added name of ticket owner to ticket overview as well as background colored in customer group color if any
    - Request #1184: Added these tags to support E-mail templates:
    - [TICKETPACKAGE]: available if the ticket was associated to a package
    - [USERPACKAGES]: list of all package types and packages that the user has.
    - Request #1114: Add custom filters for the support overview table.
    - Request #431: Add ability for someone to subscribe to another person's ticket responses
    - Added ability to subscribe to ticket replies notifications, when you're not the ticket assignee.

    * Others:
    - Request #62: Add number of packages to the account summary on dashboard
    - Request #941: Now is possible to search customers and packages by custom fields.
    - Request #562: New report to view coupon usage.
    - Request #347: In the dashboard, invoice amounts are now aligned to the right.
    - Removed "Company URL" setting.
    - Several updates on the language files, removed obsolete entries.
    - Request #918: Check file integrity on new installations and upgrades.
    - Request #1128: Added ability to send multi-part mime messages containing both the HTML and plain-text version of messages, when the client has the "HTML Email Format" field set to Yes.
    - Specify the return-path for outgoing E-mails in the case that they are undeliverable.
    - In the tickets list, show if the ticket's poster is a guest, or if he has a cancelled or inactive status.
    - Added ability enforce password strength for user accounts, admin accounts and domain accounts. To configure go to admin->system setup->security settings->password strength. Additionally, if a domain is attached to a server plugin, the domain's username and password will be checked against the rules required by that plugin.
    - In most application settings and plugin settings that accepted a comma-separated list of E-mails, the field has been changed to a textarea for easier input. Also many settings that only allowed one E-mail, are now capable of handle many.
    - No longer show error dumps on the screen (althouth beta version will).

    * Bugs Fixed
    - Fixed the layout in safari.
    - Fixed, bug in the SnapshotPending view. The checkboxes(Package Activation Options) were shown according to the last client in the "Pending List"
    - Fixed, Mouseover text is obscured.
    - Bug #782: Remove "Continue Shopping" option from 2Checkout payment page.
    - Bug #1125: Added HTML tags to HTML E-mail templates, for new installations. To fix current installations, just go the templates settings and press update.
    - Bug when deleting a customer's package which contained addons.
    - Now you won't receive the "maximum execution time exceeded" error when entering queries in the database options section that take a long time to run.
    - Fixed recalculation of percentage coupons when changing addons in signup.
    - Fixed total taxes to not allow negative values, if so, then tax is zero.
    - Fixed bug when updating a customer's package which contained addons.
    - Bug #1169: Inactive customers were being able to submit tickets by replying to old tickets by E-mail. Fix: now those E-mails are dropped. Todo: When we implement custom user status in 3.2, add the ability for the routing rules to filter not only by customer groups but also by status.
    - When adding new staff member, the signature field must be blank.
    - Fixed bug when deleting a package type with no packages.
    - When sending announcements to all users or users with a given status, don't include the administrators.
    - In login section, when retrieving your password with an empty E-mail/Username, it was sending an email when it shouldn't.
    - Bug #1026: When importing a package, the package add-on's Name is not imported.
    - Javascript popup calendar on the signup form wasn't working when there were two date custom fields.
    - 3rd party billing section had some layout problems under Opera.
    - When erasing a package type without packages, there was an error.
    - TCAdmin should prefer package addon plugin variables over package plugin variables.
    - When importing packages, the plugin variables will be copied as well.
    - When customer tried to pay an invoice through Paypal using subscriptions, for an invoice related to a package but with a different billing cycle, the invoice was handled with the package's billing cycle.
    - When an error occurred when using the CPanel plugin, the error message wasn't being sent to the configured failure E-mail.
    - Plesk package activation would fail for a second package belonging to the same customer.
    - When creating an invoice from a package fee and other manually added recurring invoice entries, when trying to pay via paypal subscriptions the recurring amount was off.
    - When creating a package custom field of type Country, and error was produced when trying to add a package.
    - Fixed a bug when generating a unique cpanel usernames.
    - Fixed MySQL 'server has gone away' error by automatically reconnecting to MySQL.
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    3.1.0 is still in beta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicvorlon View Post
    3.1.0 is still in beta?
    Yes. 3.1.0 Beta 4.

    There are patches being pushed out every day on the ClientExec forums, so even with the delay it's nice to know they are actively working on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat H View Post
    Here is the CHANGELOG, but I'm sure it's missing A LOT of things:
    Can I have official or nonofficial link to features of ClientExec 3.1 ?
    also link to official announcement or webpage?

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    According to Alberto they hope to have the final beta version out in about a week. I personally think they will be a few more before its bug free as the current version seems to be pretty buggy at the moment.

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