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    cPanel users: Server management by phone. Would you pay for it ?

    I am trying to get a feel out there if cPanel users would pay for a service say $5.00 - $10.00 a month where they can call in to a number and have access to their system. They would be able to reboot the server, restart services, stop and start services, get server statistics etc.



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    Imho I think maybe the smaller company may use this kind of service, but larger companies mostly have there own monitoring provisioned for by an external company.

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    I think it could be a nice feature and a use to some companies, also being able to phone up and it tell you the status of your services would be a nice feature. As would be reassuring for the company owners while away e.t.c
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    +1 would be a nice fetaure, tho for it to be worthwhile if marketing to different countries, u would need to look into getting access numbers for various countries, i know that if i were to use such a service the number would need to be a local number to ireland, im not going to pay an ammount to be able to have this service to then have to pay even more for the long distance calls
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    Just route calls through an external provider. Calls to the US/Canada are as cheap as locals for me.

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    There is a good use for phone support if the client is away from internet access and the server is down. even so he just simply call the datacenter directly to have it reboot. hence why the middle man.

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